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Teaching of Statistics at the University of Oulu

The Division of Statistics at the Department of Mathematical Sciences
provides teaching of various courses on statistics for the following target

- students with statistics as their major subject in the MSc study programme,
- students with mathematics or applied mathematics as their major subject
in the MSc study programme of mathematical sciences
- students in other study programmes (e.g. biochemistry, biology,
geography, economics & business etc.)

Information on the MSc study programme for statistics ( pdf, 900 kB) is so far available only in Finnish.


The teaching language in most courses is Finnish. However, some courses are taught in English, like

- Bayesian Data Analysis, autumn 2004 (Dr. Hyon-Jung Kim)
- Statistical Inference II, spring 2005 (Dr. Hyon-Jung Kim)
- Spatial Data Analysis, spring 2005 (Dr. Hyon-Jung Kim)

We have plans to expand the repertory of courses to be taught in English in
the coming years depending on demand by e.g. interested exchange students.
More information on teaching of statistics in English will be found in these
pages in future.

Enquiries can also be sent by e-mail to the teachers of Statistics


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