Läärä, Esa

Short CV

Training and academic degrees:
  • Master of Social Sciences, (major: statistics), 1981, University of Helsinki
  • Master of Sciences, (applied statistics), 1985, University of Oxford
  • Licentiate of Social Sciences, (major: statistics), 1987, University of Helsinki

Professional appointments:

  • Researcher, Finnish Cancer Registry 1981-82
  • Assistant of Biostatistics, University of Kuopio, Department of Community Health,1983-86
  • Research Assistant, Academy of Finland, Medical Research Council 1986-89
  • Senior Assistant of Epidemiology, University of Tampere, Department of Public Health, 1989-90
  • Acting Professor of Epidemiology, University of Kuopio, Department of Community Health and General Practice, 1991
  • Researcher & Biostatistician, University of Oulu, Faculty of Medicine, 1991-96
  • Associate Professor, later Professor of Biometry, University of Oulu, Department of Mathematical Sciences, 1996-

Recent academic activities also with: